Aug 2010	GeoGovernance ist zentrales Element Im Antrag zur Exzellenzinitiative

Geogovernance is a central element in the application for the Excellence Initiative.       > read more

Sep 2010	Beim Schiffbauergasse-Fest wird Wissenschaft zum Anfassen präsentiert

Sep 2010: At the "Schiffbauergasse"-festival science is presented to be touched      > read more

29.10.2010: PCPM Climate Breakfast with Prof. Bierbaum         > read more

Apr 2010	Geo- und Klimawissenschaften im Auswärtigen Amt

Apr 2010: Earth and Environmental Sciences in the Federal Foreign Office.

Feb 2010	PROGRESS startet mit Kickoff-Meeting

Feb 2010: PROGRESS started with Kickoff-Meeting.        > read more

Friday, 30. November 2012

Nov 2012, Potsdam: PCPM organized Climate Breakfast with Stefan Barthelmes (Ernst & Young)

Within the PROGRESS study-program initiative Master of Public Management (MPM), PCPM invited Stefan Barthelmens, Senior Manager at the Division for Climate Change and Sustainability Services at Ernst & Young. Mr. Barthelmens spoke on the topic of "Environmental, Social, and Governance Reporting of Private Companies" at our 4th PCPM/PROGRESS Climate Breakfast on November 21, 2012.

The "Climate Breakfast" is organized within the joint framework of PROGRESS and the MPM-GeoGovernance course "Global Environmental Policy" taught by Prof. Detlef Sprinz, Ph.D. (University of Potsdam / Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research - PIK).