Aug 2010	GeoGovernance ist zentrales Element Im Antrag zur Exzellenzinitiative

Geogovernance ist zentrales Element im Antrag zur Exzellenzinitiative.            > mehr lesen

Sep 2010	Beim Schiffbauergasse-Fest wird Wissenschaft zum Anfassen präsentiert

Sep 2010: Beim Schiffbauergasse-Fest wird Wissenschaft zum Anfassen präsentiert.        > mehr lesen

29.10.2010: PCPM Climate Breakfast with Prof. Bierbaum         > mehr lesen

Apr 2010	Geo- und Klimawissenschaften im Auswärtigen Amt

Apr 2010: Geo- und Klimawissenschaften im Auswärtigen Amt.

Feb 2010	PROGRESS startet mit Kickoff-Meeting

Feb 2010: PROGRESS startet mit Kickoff-Meeting.        > mehr lesen

Professor Manfred Strecker, Ph.D .

Universität Potsdam
Institut für Erd- und Umweltwissenschaften
Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse 24-25
Haus 27, Raum 1.33
D-14476 Potsdam

Phone: +49 331 977 5811
Fax: +49 331 977 5700

Research Interests

Geomorphology of fault zones, evolution of tectonic stress fields, relations between tectonics and climate in landscape evolution, catastrophic mass movements, impact of climate variability on erosion and sedimentation patters at different timescales

Academic Training

1983-1987 PhD in Geology, Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y.
1980-1983 MSc in Geology, Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y.
1984-1985 Visiting scientist, Instituto Miguel Lillo, Tucumán, Argentina
1979-1980 Geology studies at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
1976-1980 Pre-diploma in Geography and Biology, Univ. Göttingen

Professional Experience

1995-current Chair of Geology, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, U Potsdam
Adjunct Professor, Cornell University
01/1993 Heisenberg Scholar and Visiting Associate Professor, Department of Geophysics, Stanford University, Stanford, CA
1987-1993 Hochschulassistent, Geologisches Institut, U Karlsruhe
(Habilitation 05/1991)

Cooperation with other institutions / Consultancy in National and International Committees

  • Elected reviewer for DFG in the field of geosciences (2004-2008);
  • Member of the steering committee of DFG special research project 267;
  • Reviewer for National Science Foundation, Belgian Federal Office for Scientific, Technical and Cultural Affairs, FFW Austria, NERC, UK;
  • DAAD (5 years) and A. v. Humboldt Foundation (2004-2008) review boards for overseas assianments;
  • Member of the evaluation committee for the geoscience departments at Vienna and Salzburg universities, Austria and geoscience departments in Lower Saxony, Germany

Editorial Activities
Editiorial Board: Geology (2x), J. of Asian Earth Sci. (2x), GSA`s Geosphere (current), Intl. J.
of Earth Science (current); Earth Science Reviews, tectonics editor (current)

Other Professional Service Activities (national and international)

  • Deputy Chairman of the Intern. Lithosphere Project, South American section;
  • Member of Committee of Visitors at the U.S. National Science Foundation, 2005

Honors, Awards, Nominations and Special Appointments

  • Maucher Preis, DFG 1991;
  • Heisenberg-scholarship, DFG 1992;
  • Leibniz-Award, DFG 2004;
  • Allan Cox Visiting Professorship, Stanford University (08/2005-08/2006; 10/2009-04/2010);
  • Adjunct Professor, Cornell University (2009-2014)

Selected Invited Lectures (last 12 months)

American Geophysical Union, 2009, 2010; UC Davis; Stanford, 2010; European Science Foundation TopoEurope meeting, 2009; European Geosci. Union, 2009.

Selected peer-reviewed publications

  • Hilley, G. and Strecker, M.R., 2004. Steady-state erosion of critical Coulomb wedges. J. Geophysical Research, 109, B1, B01411 10.1029/2002 JB002284.
  • Hilley, G. and Strecker, M.R., 2005. Processes of oscillatory basin filling and excavation in a tectonically active orogen: Quebrada del Toro Basin, NW Argentina. Geological Society of America Bulletin, 117, 887-901.
  • Bookhagen B., Thiede, R. and Strecker, M.R., 2005. Monsoonal forcing and catastrophic landslides in the NW Indian Himalaya. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 231, 131-146.
  • Trauth, M.H., Maslin, M., Deino, A. and Strecker, M.R., 2005. Moisture history of East Africa. Science, 309, 2051-2053.
  • Strecker, M.R. , Alonso, R., Bookhagen, B., Carrapa. B., Hilley, G.E., Sobel, E.R., Trauth, M.H., 2007. Tectonics and climate of the southern central Andes. Annual Reviews in Earth and Planetary Sciences, 35, 747-787.
  • Uba, C.E., Strecker, M.R., Schmitt, A.K., 2007. Increased sediment accumulation rates in the Central Andes during the late Miocene due to climate forcing. Geology, 35, 979 - 982.
  • Bookhagen, B. and Strecker, M.R., 2008. High-resolution TRMM rainfall, hillslope angles, and relief along the eastern Andes. Geophysical Research Letters, 35, L06403.
  • Melnick, D., Bookhagen, B., Strecker, M.R., and Echtler, H., 2009. Segmentation of megathrust rupture zones from forearc deformation patterns over hundreds to millions of years, Arauco peninsula, Chile. J. Geophysical Research – Solid Earth, 114, doi: 10.1029/2008JB005788.
  • Zielke, O. and Strecker, M.R.,2009. Recurrence of large earthquakes in magmatic continental rifts: Insights from a paleoseismic study along the Marmanet-Laiipia fault, Subukia Valley, Kenya Rift. Bull. Seismological Soc. America, 99, 61-70, doi:10.1785/0120080015
  • Strecker, M.R., Alonso, R. Bookhagen, B., Carrapa, B. Coutand, I., Hain, M.P., Hilley, G.E., Mortimer, E., Schoenbohm, L., and Sobel. E.R., 2009. Does the topographhic distribution of the central Andean Puna Plateau result from climatic or geodynamic processes? Geology, 37, 643-646.