Aug 2010	GeoGovernance ist zentrales Element Im Antrag zur Exzellenzinitiative

Geogovernance ist zentrales Element im Antrag zur Exzellenzinitiative.            > mehr lesen

Sep 2010	Beim Schiffbauergasse-Fest wird Wissenschaft zum Anfassen präsentiert

Sep 2010: Beim Schiffbauergasse-Fest wird Wissenschaft zum Anfassen präsentiert.        > mehr lesen

29.10.2010: PCPM Climate Breakfast with Prof. Bierbaum         > mehr lesen

Apr 2010	Geo- und Klimawissenschaften im Auswärtigen Amt

Apr 2010: Geo- und Klimawissenschaften im Auswärtigen Amt.

Feb 2010	PROGRESS startet mit Kickoff-Meeting

Feb 2010: PROGRESS startet mit Kickoff-Meeting.        > mehr lesen

Professor Dr. Jochen Zschau

Helmholtz Centre Potsdam
GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences
Helmholtzstr. 7 
D-14476 Potsdam

Link zu Institutswebsite
Phone: +49 331 288 1200
Fax: +49 331 288 1201

Research Interests

earth tides, mantle rheology, earthquakes, volcanism, geological hazards and risks, seismic early warning 

Academic Training

1979 Doctor of Sciences (Habilitation), University Kiel
1974 PhD in Geophysics, University Kiel
1969 Diploma in Geophysics, University of Munich

Professional Experience

1992 - current Head of GFZ-Section "Earthquake Risk and Early Warning"
1992 - current 
Professor of Geophysics at the Institute of Geosciences, University of Potsdam
1992 - 2010 Director of GFZ-Department "Desaster Research" and "Physics of the Earth" respectively
1980 - 1992 Professor and Director at the Department of Geophysics, University Kiel
1979 - 1980 Docent at the Department of Geophysics, University Kiel
1978 Visiting Fellow at the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences, Boulder, Colorado, USA
1974 - 1979 Scientific Assistant, Associate Professor at the Department of Geophysics, University Kiel
1969 - 1974 Research Fellow, Geophysics, University Kiel

Cooperation with other institutions / Consultancy in National and International Committees

  • Member of the coordination committee of the EU-project “Strategies and tools for Real time Earthquake Risk Reduction (REAKT)” (2011 - current)
  • Coordinator of the EU-project “New Multi-Hazard and Multi-Risk Assessment Methods for Europe (MATRIX)” (2010 – current)
  • Chairman of the International Science Advisory Board to the "Central-Asian Institute for Applied Geosciences (CAIAG)", Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic (2007 - current)
  • Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the German Committee for Disaster Reduction
    (2001 - current)
  • Coordinator of the EU-project “Seismic Early Warning for Europe (SAFER)” (2006 - 2009)
  • Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the German IDNDR-Committee (1994 - 2000)

Editorial Activities
Multiple review activities for international journals

Other Professional Service Activities (national and international)

  • Chairman of the German Tarsk Force Committee for Earthquakes (1993 - current)
  • Global Earthquake Model GEM for global earthquake risk assessment:
    - Vice-Chair of the Governing Board (2009/2010)
    - Chairman of the OECD-Global Science Forum Advisory Board for establishing GEM (2006-09)
  • European Seismological Commission:
    - Past President (2010 - current)
    - President (2008 - 2010)
    - Past Vice President (2006 - 2008)
    - Vice President (2002 - 2006)
  • German-Indonesian Project for setting up the Tsunami Early Warning System for the Indian Ocean (GITEWS); Project coordinator for the Earthquake Monitoring System (2005 - 2011)
  • Co-chairman of the "Center of Disaster Managment and Risk Reduction Technology (CEDIM)" (2022-2005)
  • German representative in the Working group on "Early Warning" of the UN-ISDR Inter-Agency Task Force on Disaster Reduction (2001 - 2003)
  • Chariman of the Subcommission on Earthquake Prediction of the European Seismological Commission (1996-2002)
  • Vice-President of the European Advisory Evaluation Committee for Earthquake Prediction of the Council of Europe

Honors, Awards, Nominations and Special Appointments

  • Soloview Medal of the European Geosciences Union (EGU); 2008
  • Life Fellowship of the Association of Exploration Geophysicists of India; 1984
  • Honorary Member of Association of Hydrologists, India; 1982

Selected Invited Lectures (last 12 months)

  • Fragile Earth Conference, Munich, 2011
  • Intern. Symposium “Limits to the Anthropocene”, Hamburg, 2011
  • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Karlsruhe, 2011
  • Intern. Symposium “Our common future”, Essen 2010
  • GeoDarmstadt, 2010
  • University of Hamburg, 2010
  • University of Braunschweig, 2010
  • Urania Berlin, 2010
  • German Committee for Desaster Reduction (DKKV), Bonn,  2010
  • Magnus-Haus, Berlin 2010
  • Journée Luxembourgeoise de Géodynamique, Luxemburg, 2009
  • Deutsches Nationalkomitee für Geodäsie und Geophysik (NKGG), Potsdam, 2009
  • European Geoscience Union, Vienna, 2009

Selected peer-reviewed publications

Gasparini, P., Manfredi, G., Zschau, J. (2011): Earthquake early warning as a tool for improving society’s resilience and crisis response. Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, 31, 2, 267-270, 10.1016/j.soildyn.2010.09.004

Jordan, T. H., Chen, Y.-T., Gasparini, P., Madariaga, R., Main, I., Marzocchi, W., Papadopoulos, G., Sobolev, G., Yamaoka, K., Zschau, J. (2011): Operational Earthquake Forecasting: State of Knowledge and Guidelines for Utilization. - Annals of Geophysics, 54, 4, 10.4401/ag-5350

Picozzi, M., Ditommaso, R., Parolai, S., Mucciarelli, M., Milkereit, C., Sobiesiak, M., Di Giacomo, D., Gallipoli, M. R., Pilz, M., Vona, M., Zschau, J. (2010): Real time monitoring of structures in task force missions: the example of the Mw=6.3 Central Italy Earthquake, April 6, 2009. - Natural Hazards, 52, 2, 253-256, 10.1007/s11069-009-9481-1.

Picozzi, M., Milkereit, C., Parolai, S., Jäckel, K. - H., Veit, I., Fischer, J., Zschau, J. (2010): GFZ Wireless Seismic Array (GFZ-WISE), a Wireless Mesh Network of Seismic Sensors: New Perspectives for Seismic Noise Array Investigations and Site Monitoring. - Sensors, 10, 3280-3304, 10.3390/s100403280.

Ditommaso, R., Parolai, S., Mucciarelli, M., Eggert, S., Sobiesiak, M., Zschau, J.(2009): Monitoring the response and the back-radiated energy of a building subjected to ambient vibration and impulsive action: the Falkenhof Tower (Potsdam, Germany). - Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering, 10.1007/s10518-009-9151-4.

Pilz, M., Parolai, S., Leyton, F., Campos, J., Zschau, J. (2009): A comparison of site response techniques using earthquake data and ambient seismic noise analysis in the large urban areas of Santiago de Chile. - Geophysical Journal International, 178, 2, 713-728, 10.1111/j.1365-246X.2009.04195.x.

Walter, T. R., Wang, R., Lühr, B.-G., Wassermann, J., Behr, Y., Parolai, S., Anggraini, A., Günther, E., Sobiesiak, M., Grosser, H., Wetzel, H.-U., Milkereit, C., Sri Brotopuspito, K., Prih, H., Zschau, J. (2008): The 26 May 2006 magnitude 6.4 Yogyakarta earthquake south of Mt. Merapi volcano: did lahar deposits amplify ground shaking and thus lead to the disaster?. - Geochemistry Geophysics Geosystems (G3), 9, Q05006, 10.1029/2007GC001810.

Motagh, M., Hoffmann, J., Kampes, B., Baes, M., Zschau, J. (2007): Strain accumulation across the Gazikoy–Saros segment of the North Anatolian Fault inferred from Persistent Scatterer Interferometry and GPS measurements. - Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 255, 3-4, 432-444, 10.1016/j.epsl.2007.01.003.

Motagh, M., Klotz, J., Tavakoli, F., Djamour, Y, Arabi, S., Wetzel, H.-U., Zschau, J. (2006): Combination of precise leveling and InSAR data to constrain source parameters of the Mw = 6.5, 26 December 2003 Bam earthquake. - Pure and Applied Geophysics, 163, 1, 1-18, 10.1007/s00024-005-0005-y.

Tyagunov, S., Grünthal, G., Wahlström, R., Stempniewski, L., Zschau, J. (2006): Seismic risk mapping for Germany. - Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences (NHESS), 6, 4, 573-586.